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5 Animation Websites to Level Up Your Learning

Whether you're just starting out on your animation journey or looking to boost your creative skillset, there are so many amazing online resources to be found to help you achieve your goals. To get you started, we've rounded up five of our favourites to share with you—plus a pro tip for curating your own shortlist!

This animation community shares tips & tricks along with how-to video tutorials and even free classes!

From 3D Perspective to Lighting Effects, artists of all mediums can find something new to learn.

Learn from industry pros and master animation fundamentals with this online animation school!

With over 150 hours of content made in collaboration with 45+ studios, 3d animation is incredibly accessible.

With interactive tutorials and hundreds of photo references, artists can hone their craft in areas like figure drawing and expressions.

The site also has an active community that learners can reach out to for critique, questions, and tips.

Learn insider storyboarding techniques from pro artists!

With live classes and courses covering film language and drawing fundamentals, students can learn a wide variety of super helpful skills.

Mindset and creative process are just as important as hard skills when it comes to animation!

The Autonomous Creative's courses are geared towards teaching students how to manage the ecosystem around their animation career.

Save your favourite websites and online courses in a curated bookmarks folder, or even in your notes app!

You can also collaborate on a shared resource list with friends—you might find out about a tool you haven't discovered yet!

Miranda Madden

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