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3dTotal Article: Create an Atmospheric Sci-Fi City Tutorial by Darko Mitev

Our Dublin studio’s very own Lead Character Modeler Darko Mitev has been featured on 3dTotal, an online destination to learn from fellow artists, create your own masterpieces, and share them with the art community.

In his 3-part article series, Darko shares the process behind the creation of his “Oris City,” from inspiration to composition. Learn more and check our Darko's articles at the links below.

Oris City
Oris City by Darko Mitev

Create an atmospheric sci-fi city – part 1: inspiration and blocking out

In part 1, Darko identifies his inspiration at large and on a more fine-tuned scale. We learn not to be afraid of empty space and how to refine blocking out the larger environment, testing this out by viewing the landscape from different perspectives. 

Create an atmospheric sci-fi city – part 2: defining the buildings

Part 2 is all about creating the buildings in your world and modeling them to their environment. Darko takes us through his process from overview to hero buildings to fine-tuning details.

Create an atmospheric sci-fi city – part 3: texture, light & composite

The last part in Darko's 3-part series digs into texture, lighting, and compositing your animation, showing us how to use these final elements to make your landscape pop!

To see more from the ever-talented Darko Mitev, check out his ArtStation page!

And for more tutorial goodness from Darko, check out his 'The Old Workshop' tutorial.

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