3 Amigonauts Intergalactic Hyperlapse

Meet Francis Yeh, Funpack Designer on Luna Around The World and 3 Amigonauts, and Hyperlapse portrait maker extraordinaire!

For our 3 Amigonauts “Behind The Scenes” profiles, we had Brown Bagger, Francis Yeh do Hyperlapse portraits of key members of the Amigonauts crew.

Here is a compilation of all the portraits he created for:

- Creator, Kyle Marshall
- Director, Mike Geiger
- Producer, Alley Crawford
- Composer, Kid Koala

And here are a few fun facts about Francis:


What is your favourite thing to draw?

I always find myself drawing characters in spacesuits, or something in the scifi genre.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in other people’s art works. Couple of artists that comes to mind are Fabien Mense, and Rob Laro.

What do you love most about your job as a Funpack Designer?

As a Funpack Designer I am given more room for creativity since its one of the earlier visual steps in the pipeline.

I also like that I am given variety of things to draw, such as both characters and props. On Amigonauts I drew locations as well.

See more of Francis’ work HERE!

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