Director Profile - Mike Geiger, 3 Amigonauts

Meet award-winning artist and creator Mike Geiger, director of the summer’s “space-iest” animated show, 3 Amigonauts! We chatted with Mike about what he thinks makes 3 Amigonauts stand out from the crowd, and why you don’t want to miss out seeing a single episode of this madcap intergalactic animated adventure series!

1. To get started can you share a favourite life motto or quote?

Cut yourself some slack. Remember, 100 years from now, all new people.

2. What is your origin story? (How did you get started in your career?)

My interest spawned from skateboarding culture in the late 80s/early 90s. Artists like Jim PhillipsTwist (Barry McGee)Dave Kinsey, and Andy Howell who were designing graphics back then all had an illustrative style that lent itself really well to animation. 

3. What does a day in the life an animation director look like?

Mainly reviewing leicas, scripts, cuts, records, mixes, and so forth. Just trying to keep things consistent with Kyle Marshall’s (the creator) vision as much as possible.

4. What did you love most about working on Season 1 of 3 Amigonauts?

The opportunity to work with a lot of artists I admire like Kyle Marshall, Firas Momani, Kid Koala, DJ Vekked, Terry McGurrin, Laurie Elliot and the whole writing crew, the voice talent, Andy Guiterrez, Oliver Costes, Dave Pietila, and the list goes on…

5. What do you think makes 3 Amigonauts one of the best new show in the galaxy? (What makes it stand out from the crowd?

From story to colour, the show does have a different vibe than viewers may be used to. I’m proud that we were able to lean into some new territory. All credit goes to Kyle for having the vision and our YTV exec Matt Sheppo for trusting us to execute on it. It takes a lot of extra work from the entire team to try to break convention, and I’m appreciative of our crew for believing in the show enough to accept that. 

6. Without spoiling too much, what is one of your favourite moments from the show?

Herby befriending a rock is one of my faves.

7. What is your number one reason why everyone needs to watch 3 Amigonauts?

So the next day you don’t feel left out when your friends are talking about the cool new show they saw. Remember what happened when you didn’t watch Game of Thrones?

8. Which Amigonaut are you most like and why?

The Amigonauts are at their best when they are able to bounce off-of one another. So I’m cheating and going with the group. 

9. Anything you would like to share – like funny behind the scenes moments, interesting tid-bits about the making of the show that people might like to know.

Back in 2010, I used to be a contributing artist to a weekly comic site called THE SUPERVILLAIN with fellow artists Mick Harrison, Hobo Divine, Scott Macdonald and Kyle Marshall. Kyle’s weekly contribution was called, none other than, The 3 Amigonauts! So it’s been fun to follow the idea from early comics to completed television show.

10. Social links to follow your work please list below.


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