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Trouble In Paradise
TV Series


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Trouble in Paradise is an animated slapstick comedy following the daily trials and tribulations of Crabby, a small orange crab who lives on a tiny tropical island in the vast Pacific Ocean.

Crabby lives a simple life of routine. He gets up every morning, takes a breath of fresh air and starts digging his sand burrow. Crabby loves digging, it’s what he lives for. However his digging routine is more often than not interrupted by a mysterious new arrival to the paradise island he calls home.

The ocean regularly delivers something new to the island’s shore. And although it is often manmade rubbish, what might seem obvious and pedestrian to us is always fascinating, delightful or downright threatening to Crabby and his fellow tropical island dwellers.

Directed by: Shane Collins
Duration: 6 x 90 sec.
Year of Production: 2014