Zombie #Sketch

  • Posted by Eoghan.Lynch on October 14 2019

Today's #Sketch is a terrifyingly brilliant piece by Dublin based CG supervisor Matthew Lloyd.

Matthew: My latest piece of work is slightly different from the style of work I would generally create, however with Halloween coming around the corner I thought it would fit in well with the general theme of the month. This piece started life as a Zbrush Sculpt, however like a lot of my personal projects I quickly got a little bored with it and wanted to move onto something else. Rather than forgetting about the sculpt I decided I'd use it as the starting point of a Halloween inspired Zombie concept piece. From ZBrush, I rendered out layers such as shadow, ambient occlusion and diffuse. I combined these layers in Photoshop with photographic reference and a little bit of dark imagination and the result is what you see in the final piece. I hope you like it!

'Zombie' by Matthew Lloyd
'Zombie' by Matthew Lloyd


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