Tea & Chat - World Mental Health Day 2017

Our studio Health & Wellbeing Committee hosted a Tea & Chat event in the studio today to help celebrate World Mental Health Day!

This year’s World Mental Health Day focuses on mental health in the workplace and our Health & Wellbeing Committee wanted to encourage Brown Bagger’s to grab a cuppa and have a chat to help destress and to foster inclusivity in the studio - with our growing numbers it’s becoming more and more important to get everyone together and mingling so that we all get to know eachother.

Everyone was asked to bring their favourite mug and to tell their colleagues the story behind it, there were also some Conversation Spoons and of course, a wonderful array of treats to enjoy!

Check out some pics from the day:

/images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_03.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_17.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_18.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_19.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_20.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_21.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_22.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_02.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_04.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_05.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_07.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_06.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_08.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_09.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_10.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_13.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_11.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_12.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_14.jpg /images/labs/Tea__Chat_-_WMHD_15.jpg

Thanks to the amazing SocialBee for catering another wonderful event for us!



World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilizing efforts in support of better mental health. For more information, please visit: World Mental Health Day

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