Winter Assault #Sketch

Today's wintery #Sketch comes from our Dublin studio, 2D Designer, Danny Shiels! We caught up with Danny to chat about this piece and its futuristic-winter feel.

Danny: I painted this for my first Art jam this year, I wanted to improve my environment painting skills. The topic for that Art Jam was 'Future Winter'. I really wanted to paint a giant battle robot in the snow.

This painting was also inspired by the Swedish concept artist Simon Stålenhag. I used a mixture of Blender, photo bashing and painting in Photoshop for this and got a lot of help from fellow artist Gavin O'Donnell.

/images/labs/winter-assault-Sketch-danny-shiels-002.jpg 'Winter Assault' by Danny Shiels /images/labs/winter-assault-Sketch-danny-shiels-003.jpg Preparation work


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