Wellness Week in Manchester #Recap

Last week, our Manchester Health & Wellbeing Committee organised a Wellness Week in the studio to promote mental health awareness and engage in wellness activities for all our staff!

The activities began on Tuesday with the spread of positivity through 'Kindness Cards'. Brown Bagger's were provided with postcards to write on and decorate to be posted out to whomever they wished.

/images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-Kindness_Cards-003.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-Kindness_Cards-001.jpg

The cards were then fed to our handsome UK and International post boxes, ready for delivery when full!

/images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-Kindness_Cards-002.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-Kindness_Cards-004.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-Kindness_Cards-005.jpg

On Wednesday, our gang got to live out their childhood dreams and PAINT ON THE WALL!

An art therapy session was held called 'Paint Your Soul' where our Brown Bagger's were invited to express themselves with our studio wall as their canvas. There was lots of creativity and messiness as they doodled away and the bonus is that we get to enjoy the beautiful artwork now every day!

/images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-001.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-002.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-011.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-010.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-008.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-009.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-005.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-004.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-006.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-007.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-003.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-PaintYourSoul-012.jpg

Thursday saw our Brown Bagger's giving some gratitude with Garden Of Thankfulness!

Everyone was invited to dedicate a leaf to someone or something they are truly thankful for in their life. We then planted those 'leaves' in our little garden as a reminder of what we should be grateful for each and every day.

/images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-GardenofThankfulness-001.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-GardenofThankfulness-004.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-GardenofThankfulness-006.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-GardenofThankfulness-005.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-GardenofThankfulness-003.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-GardenofThankfulness-002.jpg

And on Friday, to close off our Wellness Week, our Brown Bagger's were invited to Share A Cup Of Success!

Everyone was invited to our own homemade Tea House complete with a selection of feel-good teas, to share a cup of tea and their success stories with their colleagues. We even had little Kami the Origami to help prompt the questions!

/images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-ShareaCupofSuccess-001.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-ShareaCupofSuccess-002.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-ShareaCupofSuccess-003.jpg /images/labs/ManchesterWellnessWeek-ShareaCupofSuccess-004.jpg

A huge thank you to our amazing Health & Wellbeing team for organising such great events for us!

Be sure to try some of the activities listed above (except maybe painting on the wall, unless you've got permission!) and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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