We Over The Moon For These Amazing Amigonauts Title Cards!

We had to share these incredible title cards, created by talented artist Alex Azelia Jin, for our new show 3 Amigonauts.

They are a truly an original take on the classic title card, and each one is different!

Check out more of these works of art via the 3 Amigonauts official Tumblr. And don’t miss all new Amigonaut episodes, every Saturday and Sunday this August, on YTV!

/images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_02.png /images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_03.png /images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_05.png /images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_04.png /images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_06.png /images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_08.png /images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_07.png /images/labs/We_Over_The_Moon_For_These_Amazing_Amigonauts_Title_Cards!_01.png

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Manager, Digital and Social Media

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