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We're thrilled to see the Henry Hugglemonster episode 'Huggleween Moon' has been shortlisted for an Irish Design Award under the TV and animation category! 


You can vote for the episode here!


Henry Hugglemonster is a preschool animated CG show for Disney Junior. The animation is based on the picture book I'm a Happy Hugglewug published by Walker Books and animated by Brown Bag Films. The intentions were to make each episode as cinematic and as imaginative as possible. The original book has a unique two-dimensional charm and the production design stays true to this within a more three-dimensional approach. A hand painted brushstroke texture was added to both characters and sets to accentuate this. In Huggleween Moon, creative challenges were to invent a whole new world: transforming the Hugglemonster house into a space rocket, creating an alternative ‘monstery’ lunar landscape, and adding graphic and quirky special effects of swirling galaxies and lunar trails.



Check out the full shortlist here:


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