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Editing #TopTip

Into animation? Here's a #toptip from the studio via our editor Rossa Lundberg - this one is on editing.

Rossa Lundberg: Be realistic with how long it's going to take to do a certain project because it often takes twice the time you thought at the start. There is nothing worse than having to show something you are not happy with just because you didn’t give yourself enough time.

I always find coming at things with fresh eyes really helpful. I usually give myself time away from a cut before going back to it, rewatching and tweaking. Whether that means working on a different section for an hour or coming back to it a day later all depends on time pressure.

Trust your eye, watch and adjust each cut until the timing feels right. From years of watching television people know inherently when something jars. As an editor you are there to make everything look and feel as smooth as possible.

Learn the shortcuts! Editing can be a very time-consuming process so the quicker you can try something and revert back to what you had if you realise it doesn’t work, the better!

Good housekeeping is extremely important, keep all your project files well labelled and in bins. Keep old timelines so you can easily go back and check what you had in a previous pass.  We have many editors working across different shows so it should be easy for anyone to find what they need if they were to open your project.

Get to know your frame rates, aspect ratios, file formats etc. The technical side of things may be the last thing you want to concentrate on but by golly you will need it.

All in all the most important thing is to enjoy it! Watch loads of movies, edit as much as you can and make something you are proud of.

Two websites I find useful and interesting are and!

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