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Toys for Barnardos! #Charity

For a few years now, the staff here have been giving to the Barnardos and GLS toy appeal.

We're in the business of entertaining children and don't want to see anyone left out at one of our favourite times of year!

Most of us know individuals or families that struggle all year round and Christmas can be an extra pressure when you're already under stress.

We want to try to lift that pressure a little so more people can focus on enjoying the season and spending time on the important stuff.

Working in animation can be a little like working as a toy maker.  I worked on Lambie years ago as a digital model, so seeing this Lambie plush under the tree today was magic.  I try not to push our own shows onto my 2 year old niece all the time, but I do love it when she wears her lambie hat!

Thanks to Forbidden Planet Dublin for donating a whole load of posters to the appeal!  Barnardos works with children of a wide range of ages and we do tend to focus on toys for the younger kids, so I'm sure the posters will be much appreciated.

All boxed up and ready to go, we hope these gifts find good homes with children who love them to pieces.

Maybe a few of them will be inspired to work in art like so many of us were.

Big THANKS to everyone who donated a gift!

Merry Christmas!

Siobhan Doyle

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