Toronto Art Jam #Spring

It's another month and with that another #ArtJam!

April was the start of a new season, a fresh start. A good time to clean up, put a bounce in your step, appreciate the flowers blooming, and birds returning to the city. It was time for us to bask in the glow of the new with April’s Art Jam theme… 'SPRING'! 

/images/labs/AprilArtJam_MyDogLikeSpring_Fraeya_Pinto.jpg /images/labs/AprilArtJam_Elisa_AlmeidaUcci_SpringPiggies_Second.jpg /images/labs/AprilArtJam_Ruff-Spring_BobbyPettigrew_Third.jpg /images/labs/AprilArtJam_Kaitlyn_Seow_Gardening_Third.jpg /images/labs/AprilArtJam_Spring_DARYL_PERMEJO.jpg /images/labs/AprilArtJam_Luna_BG_TimChanAmandaLeeHazimeh.jpg /images/labs/AprilArtJam_MegSimmons_Bloom_Winner.jpg

This month's winning submission was voted on by our Toronto studio members and was awarded to *drumroll please*...  

'Bloom' by Meg Simmons, Toronto BG Artist. 

Meg: Whenever I think of Spring, I find it hard not to think of fresh rain and buds poking up through the ground, ready to bloom. Taking that inspiration, I researched a variety of different kinds of flowers that tend to grow in spring and then framed them around an elven woman. 

Spring and growth can be beautiful so I wanted to try and connect with that feeling. It was also a happy excuse to draw flowing curls and detailed flowers which are some of my favourite things to draw.

The first runner up spot went to 'Spring Piggies' by Elisa Almeida Ucci and tied in third place were, 'Ruff Spring' by Bobby Pettigrew and 'Gardening' by Kaitlyn Seow.

Tune in next time for more art jammy goodness - May's theme is 'FEAST'

Stefanie Zaarur

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