Toronto Art Jam #Feast

It's another month and with that another #ArtJam!

In true Canadian form, May was a great time to gather with family and share a meal, maybe at the cottage for the first time, or at a backyard BBQ. This month's chosen theme was all about the 'FEAST' and our artists were asked to cook up some tasty art for everyone to dig into! 

/images/labs/ArtJam_Toronto_May_Wen_Ling_Lim.jpg /images/labs/ArtJam_Toronto_May_Feast_BobbyPettigrew.jpg /images/labs/ArtJam_Toronto_May_Elisa_AlmeidaUcci.jpg /images/labs/ArtJam_Toronto_May_JUSTIN_MARK.jpg

This month's winning submission was voted on by our Toronto studio members and was awarded to *drumroll please*...  

'The Huntress' by Justin Mark, Toronto BG Artist. 

Justin: I've always been fascinated with African wildlife, particularly Lions. This piece was drawn using a Bic pen on standard sketchbook paper using a cross-hatching approach. A good amount of my portfolio consists of Lion artwork usually in regal type poses, but for this one, I wanted something to depict the animal's strength and ferocity. The challenge in this one was having the underlying musculature being anatomically accurate. 

The first runner up spot went to 'Feast Your Eyes' by Elisa Almeida Ucci and second runner up, 'Eating Would Be Nice' by Wen Lim

Tune in next time for more art jammy goodness - June's theme is 'PRIDE'.

Stefanie Zaarur

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