Toronto Art Jam #Break

It's another month and with that another #ArtJam!

March meant we were steps closer to warm weather and fun in the sun. It’s that time of year when people are ready for winter to end in Canada and flee to warmer climates, anywhere that isn’t slick with ice and frosted with snow! In honour of this grand tradition March’s Art Jam theme was…'BREAK'!

Vacations, beaches, road trips, even just a coffee! We took some time to reflect on how good it feels to take a break. 

/images/labs/March_ArtJam_Taylor_Annisette_A_Fruitful_Evening.jpg /images/labs/Marhc_ArtJam_Elisa_AlmeidaUcci_Taking_A_Break.jpg /images/labs/March_ArtJam_Samantha_Braithwaite_-_Samantha_Braithwaite_Break.jpg /images/labs/March_ArtJam_KatherineEllsworth_Casual_Coffee_Break.jpg /images/labs/Marhc_ArtJam_Sam_Braithwaite_-_Samantha_Braithwaite_Break2.jpg

This month's winning submission was voted on by our Toronto studio members and was awarded to *drumroll please*...  

'Taking A Break' by Elisa Almeida Ucci, Toronto 3D Animator and two-time Art Jam winner! 

Elisa: For my piece “taking a break”, I took the concept of 'break' in both meanings of the word, as a time of relaxation and in the form of something broken. I used a reference from the rooster at the beginning of Disney's hand-drawn classic “Robin Hood” and incorporated a slightly darker approach to it. In completion, I ended up with a relaxed crow amongst some scattered broken bones for the happy month of March. 

First and second runner ups were 'Casual Coffee Break' by Katherine Ellsworth and 'Break (Strong Man)' by Sam Braithwaite.

Tune in next time for more art jammy goodness - April's theme is 'SPRING'

Stefanie Zaarur

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