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Time For A Toon To Take Best Picture #Oscars

It's not a new argument, but it is one that we like to bring out whenever we can!

Way back in February Dominic Patten asked: What is it going to take for an animated pic to shatter the Best Picture live action ceiling?

With the growning box office success of animated features, and the fact that Up and Toy Story 3 were both nomainted for Best Picture and Best Animated features - Patten calls out some of big names to support the idea:

I certainly think it’s possible. One of the insurmountable architects of the animation resurrection, Katzenberg cut straight to the creative heart of the matter. “The reason I think it’s possible is that some of the best storytelling and filmmaking in Hollywood today is in the animation genre. - DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg

Look, you’ve got (Chris) Meledandri, Disney, DWA all knocking it out of the park with top notch talent and crossover appeal. People love these movies. My kids love these movies. My parents love these movies. I love these movies. - Uncreddited Studio Producer

I love the films that push to be more exciting and complex and tell really rich stories. I think that all of us in animation at all the studios are pushing ourselves to surprise the audience. We are doing some of the most fearless things in animation, and the world is beginning to see that. - Frozen director Jennifer Lee

Patten points out:

There’s a new generation growing in numbers and they are much more comfortable with the digital landscape and dimensions of modern movies. They don’t discriminate about genre the way some older members still do. - Uncreddited 'Academy Insider'

As the Academy invites new members, the average age (62) will begin to fall.

Will we see an animated feature nabbing the Best Motion Picture gong? WE HOPE So!

David Maybury

David works at Brown Bag Films and occasionally eats cake, lots and lots of cake.

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