Thousand Battles #Sculpture

Modeller and Texture Artist Moises Ojeda recently created a digital sculpture for the annual Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain. If you don't know much about this festival, don't worry, you can read all about it and also see an interview with Moises about his workflow in this terrific article from Pixologic.


Check out a turnaround of his gorgeous piece - Thousand Battles - created in ZBrush, below:


Check out some renders of the sculpt below:


/images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles00.jpg /images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles01.jpg /images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles02.jpg /images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles03.jpg /images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles04.jpg /images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles05.jpg /images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles06.jpg /images/labs/moises-ojeda-thousandbattles07.jpg

Here's how the digital sculpt looked when brought to life for the festival!


/images/labs/Batallas_ZbrushCentral00.jpg /images/labs/Batallas_ZbrushCentral02.jpg /images/labs/Batallas_ZbrushCentral01.jpg /images/labs/Batallas_ZbrushCentral03.jpg /images/labs/Batallas_ZbrushCentral07.jpg

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