The Making Of ‘23 Degrees 5 Minutes’ #Part2

The story of 23 Degrees 5 Minutes begins in Dublin around the turn of the last century (nothing specific), so we wanted to work on a look for the film that complimented that.

Art Director Stephen Robinson, did some research and came up with some amazing visual references.


Here’s what Stephen was thinking on the look of the film:

‘’This story is set around the time that the first colour plates were becoming commercially available to photographers. The Lumiere brothers had developed a filter using dyed dots of potato starch (using the colours orange, green and violet) and this gives the colour prints of the first two decades of the twentieth century a unique colour palette. The painterly feel and the slightly unreal atmosphere of these early colour photographs inform the art direction of this film.’’

Stephen also put together some paintings which I hope you will agree are pretty top notch.

23 Degrees 5 Mins Image 2

Set_10 copy
Now all we have to do is to figure out how we’re going to match this style through 3D lighting. Thanks for raising the bar for all of us Stephen!


Darragh O'Connell

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