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The Greek Goddess #Sketch

Today's mythological #Sketch comes to us from our Manchester studio 2D Renderer Louise Haywood! Louise gives us a glimpse into the world of Greek mythology with her interpretation of the Greek goddess Herophile.

Louise: I created this piece whilst listening to an Audiobook about Greek Mythology. This painting is my interpretation of the Greek goddess Herophile, daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite; a half human, half water nymph oracle.

At the age of 900 everyone from her youth had died so she left her home and settled in a nearby cave with a spring.

'The Greek Goddess' by Louise Haywood

I completed the painting in Clip Studio Paint on the iPad Pro. Previously I had been exploring backgrounds and I wanted to experiment with a finished character within a scene.

The sketch was worked up from a rough gesture drawing done in pencil as part of a figure drawing practice session. I especially liked the way the model's fabric almost appeared to have movement and I felt the pose lent itself to the emotions evoked in the myth.

Sarah Ott

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