The Fighter and The Kid #FanArt

This week's fan art comes from our Design Supervisor Aaron Wilkin and was inspired by the podcast 'The Fighter and The Kid', hosted by Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub. Aaron also included comedians Theo Von (The Riddler) Chris Delia (The Joker) and Bobby Lee (The Penguin).

Aaron: This was a cool experience for me. I created this art inspired T-shirt design, choosing the podcast as inspiration because it's hilarious, especially when they have guests like Chris D'elia, Theo Von and Bobby Lee. Batman was referenced a number of times on different podcasts and I thought it would be funny to play up how Bryan Callen would be Robin to Brendan Shaub's Batman and how much some of their guests look like Batman villains.  

I wanted to achieve a comic book cover look for the overall design while still keeping the character designs very cartoon-like. I wanted the comedians to be recognizable while still keeping the shapes simple. I also painted the colours and logo that way, to be consistent. 

Stefanie Zaarur

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