Tanning the Shell #Sketch

Today's summer-inspired #Sketch comes to us from our Manchester-based 2D Designer, Blanca Sobrino! Blanca loves sketching animals especially ones with some human characteristics!

Blanca: I drew this on a sunny, summer day in Madrid. The temperature in Madrid and other places in Spain in the summer is really high. It can often reach up to 45 degrees!

You can usually see people trying to beat the heat with iced cool drinks and sunglasses, trying to get a tan, looking like reptiles in the sun.

'Tanning the Shell' by Manchester based 2D Designer, Blanca Sobrino!
'Tanning the Shell' by Manchester based 2D Designer, Blanca Sobrino!

I created this piece in Photoshop, which is the tool I usually use for digital drawing. Although for this drawing, in particular, I did the first pass with pencil and then finished it in Photoshop.

The thing I like most about sketching this kind of thing is that I really have a lot of fun. I think drawing animals is one of my favourite things.

Sarah Ott

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