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SpookyPicks #Playlist

It's the month of October and Halloween is almost upon us!

We're getting ready for our beloved spooky season with a list of spine-tingling animated shorts to help get us into the ghoulish spirit.

Ready for some spooktacular fun? Let's dive in!

Spooky Playlist

Broken Wand

This magic filled short will get you right in the mood for all things magical and mystical this Halloween season. Directed by Anne Yang and Michael Altman from the School of Visual Arts.


The Passenger

This perfectly spooky short animation by Chris Jones has just the right amount of suspense and humour to make it a Halloween favourite!

And if you never thought goldfish could be scary…well, um, think again!


Looking for an eerie short to watch? Check out Alma, written and directed by Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas.

This seemingly sweet yet subtley sinister tale will have you putting your dolls away…


Fear of Flying

On the lighter side of scary we've got the wonderfully humourous 'Fear of Flying' written and directed by Conor Finnegan, which tells the tale of a bird with a fear of flying who tries to avoid heading South for the winter.


Hope you enjoyed our playlist! Let us know what your favourite spooky animation is in the comments below.

Anahita Tabarsi

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