Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse #FanArt

We’ve got some fan art today from our 2D Designer Kirsten Shiel inspired by 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'!

Kirsten: I've seen Into the Spider-Verse twice already and intend to see it again to really take in everything about this gorgeous film. Everything about it is great but my favourite thing is the colour design. It's like a masterclass in great mood and colour combinations. 

For this painting, I started with a photograph of a freerunner jumping a fence.

Photo credit: Jonathan Dury
Photo credit: Jonathan Dury

I took her basic pose and shapes and pushed and pulled at the perspective until I had something a little more dynamic and exaggerated.

Miles Morales has such an amazing design in the film. He's slight and lean with these baggy clothes that are amazing for showing movement. I love the pops of red in his shoes, hood and the spider suit and how they harmonise together. The colours I chose here were sort of influenced by a sunset scene in the film and I wanted to bring some of that intense lighting onto him. Even though the blue shadows are knocking his face back, that red colour stops him fading too far into any background.

The spiral of the web was actually an afterthought, originally I had him on the ground, with a spray can in hand, but through some trial and error, I found this composition was much more powerful.

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