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Sneak Peek: Watch the First Episode of StoryBots: Answer Time Now on YouTube!

Ready to get some answers? The StoryBots can help!

The first episode of the new series, StoryBots: Answer Time, is available to watch now on YouTube ahead of the show's full release on Netflix on November 21st.

StoryBots: Answer Time is the newest StoryBots series, which sees these robots coming back to answer intriguing questions while delivering plenty of laughs along the way. Questions like “Why do people get dizzy?” and “How do lasers work?” will be answered with fun bite-size explanations, enjoyable for kids and grown-ups alike.

Learn Multiplication!

It’s time to learn Multiplication with StoryBots! Something isn't adding up for Giuseppe the Pizza Guy (Danny DeVito), but Beep totally knows how to help him out! ��

StoryBots: Answer Time features some incredible work from our Brown Bag Films Toronto studio. The team worked on much of the animation for the main story of each episode. Learn more about the new StoryBots: Answer Time series before it debuts on Netflix on November 21st, and check out the sneak peek episode!

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