Shotgun Pipeline Award!


We are delighted to announce that we have received a 2016 Shotgun Pipeline Award!

Created by Shotgun Software in 2014, the Pipeline Awards celebrate excellence in pipeline tool development, integration, engineering and usage. Our team took home the Pipeline Shotty Award for Shotgun Task Triggering Workflow, which recognises excellence in tool development at our flagship studio in Dublin.

Brown Bag Films has developed two tools - a Task Trigger Workflow Setup utility and a Shotgun Trigger Engine, both systems were developed by their Senior Software Developer John Griffin, and help them track the steps required to move tasks along in their asset build pipeline, from artist to artist or project to project. Tasks are pre-created using the task templates and then assigned to artists. When a task is set to “Ready to Start” it goes into the artists queue. Once they have finished their work, the task is set to “Complete” and the triggering engine then sets the next task in the workflow to “Ready to Start” moving it onto the next artist.


“This is a tremendous achievement for the entire Technology team at Brown Bag Films,” said Louise Nicholls, VP of Technology and Innovation for Brown Bag Films. “We strive to merge the best in creative with the best in technology, and have created some of the most adaptive and innovative animation pipelines in the world.  As part of our integration efforts with 9 Story Media Group, we are currently in the process of rolling out these best in class tools across our 2D studios in Manchester and Toronto as well.”


“Brown Bag Films identified a need to invest in our pipeline and software development team to enhance the studios’ capabilities to deliver high quality 3D and 2D productions in a competitive industry,” said Darren Hyland – Head of Pipeline R&D for Brown Bag Films. “Due to the nature of Pipeline Engineering, a lot of the work done by the team occurs in the background of a production. This award gives the team the acknowledgment they deserve and we finally get to put some silverware alongside our Production Awards!”


VP of Technology and Innovation, Louise Nicholls accepted the award presented by Shotgun at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference, the world's most influential annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques.


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See the full list of Shotgun Award winners here!


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