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“Sadie Sparks” Now Streaming on Disney+!

Come on Sadie, magic waits for you! In case you missed the awesome news, Sadie Sparks, our favourite wizard-in-training, is NOW STREAMING on Disney+!

Created and directed by Bronagh O’Hanlon, alongside a writing team led by Rebecca Hobbs, the series follows the adventures of Sadie, a 14-year-old girl with magical powers, who must juggle high school life with her new role as a wizard-in-training. To harness her volatile abilities, she receives mentorship from Gilbert, a very old and very grumpy rabbit sent to the human CGI-animated world from a magical 2D-animated realm.

Brown Bag's very own creative spark, Bronagh O'Hanlon, who previously worked as Art Director on Disney's Doc McStuffins and Henry Hugglemonster, had the original idea which set Sadie Sparks into motion. Bronagh has since been recognized for her incredible achievements, namely as a recipient of World Screen x Reed Midem's Kids Trendsetter Award at MIPJunior 2019.

“I’m loving having Sadie Sparks on Disney Plus,” said Bronagh. “An on-demand streaming service is how I like to watch shows, and seeing my show on one which has such great quality content, gives me the warm and fuzzies.”

Want a peek inside the mastermind that made it all happen? Check out some of Bronagh's favorite episodes, those that “have a special place in [her] heart,” below:

Super Teepee

I love ‘Super Teepee’ where Teepee pretends to be a superhero, as he is one of my favourite characters.

Oh Grow Up

I also love ‘Oh Grow Up’ where Gilbert and Cornelius get a spell cast on them that makes them act childish, because who doesn’t like seeing grumpy characters acting silly.

Diva Sadie

Diva Sadie’ is a favourite of mine, when Sadie starts acting like a singing diva and is mean to her friends and Gilbert.

Basically, any episode where characters you know and love start acting differently from what you are used to, is an episode I get a kick out of!

So why should kids stop scrolling and press PLAY on Sadie Sparks?

What Bronagh likes best about Sadie Sparks is “having a lead character who is a strong, determined, talented girl, but also having her not be perfect. She is klutzy, goofy, she says the wrong thing and panics, she stamps her foot and gets angry, but she manages to work past all of this to be the hero and save the day. None of us are perfect but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to be our best and be our own hero, like Sadie.”

“Tune in for the odd couple relationship between a girl and her grumpy bunny, the magic, mystic worlds you can access from a top hat, talking animals & monsters, a secret government agency lurking around every corner, a school principal who is really a spy and a kick-ass female hero. What more could you want!”

For more on the ever-talented Bronagh O'Hanlon, check out our interview with her here.

And don't forget, you can watch Sadie Sparks and enjoy all of Sadie's adventures as she juggles high school life with her new role as a wizard-in-training right now on Disney+!

Rachel Sherman

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