Robox #Sketch

Today's #sketch is from our Dublin based Art Director Jorge Verdugo and is the product of a board game he has been working on!

Jorge: I have a project named ROBOX, it is a tabletop board game which I developed over the space of a year.

At one point, I entered the promotional stage of the process and needed a poster for the launch of the game.

My main goal in the piece was to reveal the difference between the characters and the surrounding world. 

The Robox (name of the robots in the game) always move together in groups, they live in a world filled with big stone monuments, columns and arcs.

I started by drawing small thumbnails (5x3cm) with black watercolour and my favourite water brush. These thumbnails helped me not to hesitate about little details and allowed me to concentrate on composition and shapes.


The final thumbnail contains all that I wanted - a good focal point on the characters (first plane), a big structure with the feeling of being inside of a cavern (on the second plane).

/images/labs/Robox_Jorge_sketch_004.jpg Background /images/labs/Robox_Jorge_sketch_005.jpg Zoom /images/labs/Robox_Jorge_sketch_007.jpg Colour Sketch

I really love 2D animation so I rendered the characters as cel-shading (including a hint of the celluloid shadow).

Final Piece
Final Piece

If you want to check out Jorge's game you can visit:


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