Pupcake Day in Aid of Dogs Trust! #BakeSale

Our wonderful Dog Committee hosted a bake sale in our Dublin studio today in honor of 'Pupcake Day' to help raise funds for Dogs Trust!

Brown Baggers were welcome to bring in their four legged friends, and we had tasty treats for both dogs and humans alike! Check out some of the delicious baked goods and happy woofs below: 

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Our Dog Committee look after all things related to our studio dogs, but they wanted to host a 'Pupcake Day' to help other dogs too.

We managed to raise a whopping €1040 which will go towards veterinary care for dogs that need it. To give an example of what these funds can help achieve, €15 can micro-chip and register one dog to ensure they can always be reunited with their owner, while €250 can prepare a dog for their Forever Home, covering all the essentials including full vaccinations, micro chipping and neutering!

If you would like to donate to Dogs Trust or get more information on holding your own Pupcake Day, please visit: www.dogstrust.ie/get-involved/fundraising/pupcake-day

Caitriona McKenna

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