Pride Diversity Lunch in Support of BeLonG To #Dublin

Our Dublin studio celebrated Pride today with a fantastic Diversity Pride Lunch organised by our Charity Committee to help raise funds for BeLonG To Youth Services, an organisation supporting LGBTI+ young people in Ireland.

Brown Baggers were treated to an awesome feast of sweet and savoury treats to satisfy any palate!

/images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_19.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_02.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_14.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_15.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_16.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_17.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_18.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_20.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_08.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_09.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_11.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_12.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_13.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_06.jpg /images/labs/Pride_Diversity_Lunch_03.jpg

A big shout out to all the talented Brown Bag bakers and to everyone who donated!

If you would like to support BeLonG To, please visit:

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Digital Marketing Manager and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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