Pedro Martins Webcomic Series Wants You to Vote for the Characters!

Our Manchester-based Layout Artist Pedro Martins has recently begun working on his own personal webcomic, Horizon Down, available on Web Toon. He’s incorporating a fun twist by allowing the readers to vote for the character they want to see as the next protagonist! We asked him to explain the project and how you can get involved:

Horizon Down synopsis:

“What if the human race failed to spread around the planet? Horizon Down is the name of the line that divides the lands populated by us and the continents inhabited by powerful and wild creatures. Gatherer is the title given to the skilled adventurers who travel into the unknown continents and gather the resources that keep the human race from extinction.”

Pedro: These characters are part of a webcomic called Horizon Down which I originally published online two years ago. I'm currently restarting work on it and I wanted the audience to be more involved in the process. So I've redesigned some of the characters from the previous chapters, even including some of the crowd characters. And to challenge myself, I'm letting the audience pick which of these characters they want to continue as protagonist for the next chapter.

/images/labs/Pedro-Martins-Webcomic-Vote-Lingard_01.jpg Lingard /images/labs/Pedro-Martins-Webcomic-Vote-Islet.jpg Islet /images/labs/Pedro-Martins-Webcomic-Vote-Khalo.jpg Khalo /images/labs/Pedro-Martins-Webcomic-Vote-Dargyll_04.jpg Dargyll

The reason I started this is because I believe that people should have more to say in the things they consume. l love to draw comics and tell stories, so I thought it would be a good idea to try this different way of approaching narrative.

The image below is the latest voting screen I've posted on my instagram - @thepedropedro:

To vote, you only have to go to my instagram @thepedropedro, to the “VOTE HERE” post and write the name of the character you want to vote for. Voting closes on Wednesday,  26th of September, after which I'll start writing the script for the next chapter.

I'll be posting up the new content scene-by-scene instead of the whole chapter at once like in the previous issues. This way there will be more regular posts and the readers will always be up to date. 

Be sure to keep an eye on Pedro's Instagram and on the Horizon Down series for more updates!

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