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Opensource Photography Theme for Wordpress #Tutorial

Presentation is Everything

I started a photography website with that premise in mind.

And quickly realised there are not many great looking, flexible themes for photography, or image driven sites, available. They all look like they came out of the same template. I couldn't find anything particularly outstanding or really customisable.

At first I realised I was going to need a framework. Vital for quickly uploading content, and managing/displaying loads of photos.

Working as a programmer for half of my daily tasks in the studio, and having a little web programming experience, I ventured into the depths of a local web developing environment mirroring my Linux hosting setup to start my site.

The Devil is in the Detail

It quickly became a “just what I wanted” project, but then it grew like I did not expect.

Adding features and small details here and there:

From smalls thing as a simple field, to show photo credits, to a dynamic googleMaps page showing the location for where each photo was taken, and adding full mobile/tablet/desktop touch&drag support and auto-resizing features for each.

Now, the project is too big for me to handle alone, as web programming is not my main thing. I'm currently maintaining the code, house-keeping it and extending it to include some more features, adding customisation options and colour themes.

But there is only so much I can do in my spare time.

As much as I enjoyed doing it as I did taking the pictures while traveling, this is the point where I release it to the public while I keep working on it. Hoping someone will like the project enough to contribute to making it more suitable for -hopefully- everybody's needs and tastes.

Click here to view the opensource code.

Click below to view a few screens of the features and customisation options for the theme:


Layout Examples

Mapping Posts on World Map

Single Post

Tags and Categories Off Canvas

Wp-Admin Theme Settings

Get in touch via the comments below if you have any questions and check back in again next week for another post on this WordPress theme!

Eze Mastrasso

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