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Open Season: Call of Nature Soaring onto Screens in 2024

Get ready to embrace your inner wild! We're thrilled to share that production is underway on a new 2D animated comedy series Open Season: Call of Nature, based on the motion picture franchise from Sony Pictures Animation.

Our parent company, 9 Story Media Group announced the details of the new show on August 1st, unveiling that the animated series will be premiering on ABC Australia, Wildbrain (Canada), Discovery Kids (Latin America) and France Télévisions in 2024.

Open Season: Call of Nature

Created for kids 6-11, Open Season: Call of Nature follows best friends Boog, a lovable, risk-averse grizzly bear, and Elliot, a fast-talking, ‘act-first, think-later’ deer. When the pair discover an abandoned summer camp in the middle of nowhere, they embark on a brave and hilarious adventure to create a new place to live where animals get to embrace their inner wild!

Open Season: Call of Nature is being produced by our award-winning Toronto 2D animation studio, and is directed by Brown Bag Films directors Mark Thornton (Total Drama Island, Corner Gas Animated, True and the Rainbow Kingdom) and Todd Kauffman (Total Drama Island, Corner Gas Animated, Grojband). Alan Keane (Space Chickens in Space, The Oddbods Show) serves as executive story editor. The series is executive produced by Sony Pictures Animation producer Rick Mischel (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series) along with Vince Commisso, Natalie Osborne, and Blake Tohana for 9 Story.

We checked in with our Open Season team to get their take on this new wildly creative and funny production coming soon to screens across the globe:

“Open Season is one wild ride - and getting the opportunity to direct such a beloved classic has been 'unbear'-ably amazing. I believe we've created the perfect blend of humor and heart that will have old and new audiences roaring with laughter and 'deer'-ly enjoying every moment. I'm incredibly proud of this show and the outstanding people whose brilliant work and passion brought this vision to life. And I can't wait for the world to embark on this wild new adventure with us!”

~Todd Kauffman, Director, Brown Bag Films

“It's hard to believe it's been nearly two years since we joined the forces at Brown Bag Films in Toronto and Ireland to bring Open Season to life. We're hoping that all of our hard work and collaborative efforts to push the boundaries of creativity, artistry and humour is evident on the screen, and that audiences enjoy it as much as everyone involved in making it has.”

~Mark Thornton, Director, Brown Bag Films

“Open Season has been a wild adventure and we’re thrilled to have such a talented crew along for the ride. Our team of exceptional artists have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks to their dedication and incredible hard work we have created a visually stunning and hilarious sitcom! We cannot thank them enough and look forward to sharing this hilarious comedy with children and parents alike.”

~Colleen McGrath & Alicia Moore, Producers, Brown Bag Films

Open Season is a classic animated film franchise that has entertained kids all over the world it launched in 2006. Along with our 9 Story family, we are so excited to be working with Sony Pictures Animation to bring their beloved characters to new audiences in this brand-new action-packed comedy series.

Learn more about Open Season: Call of Nature, including details on distribution and merchandising rights via 9 Story Media Group. And watch this space for more 'wild' Open Season: Call of Nature news to come.

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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