November Art Jam: Dublin, Manchester & Toronto Edition

It's time to check out our November Art Jam submissions!

And we've got another great roundup of art jammy goodness from our studios with a whopping triple serving as we look at our Dublin, Manchester and Toronto studio November Art Jams.

First up, we've got some high-flying submissions from our Dublin studio for their theme of 'Circus'!

/images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-AMillionDreams_FrancescaFracassi-005.jpg A Million Dreams by Texture Artist Francesca Fracassi /images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-circus_Barry-003.jpg Circus by Senior Development Artist Barry O'Donoghue /images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-Love_problems_-_Marvi_Manzoni-007.jpg Love Problems by 2D Designer Marvi Manzoni /images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-IreneMartini_DoTheRightThing-008.jpg Do The Right Thing by Storyboard Artist Irene Martini /images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-circus-devious_motives_-_Olly_Blake-002.jpg Devious Motives by Storyboard Revisionist Olly Blake /images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-Paleoman_StephenOC-006.jpg Paleoman by Art Director Stephen O'Connor /images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-Being_caged_Sreejith_Ravindran-004.jpg Being Caged by Lead FX Artist Sreejith Ravindran /images/labs/November-2019-Dublin-Art-Jam-Guilherme_Brenner_Circus-001.jpg Circus by Senior FX Artist Guilherme Brenner - View video below!

The winning entries were:

1st place: Marvi Manzoni

2nd place: Guilherme Brenner

3rd Place: Barry O'Donoghue

Our Manchester studio decided to shake things up and get a little festive with some handcrafted baubles for their latest Art Jam challenge.

The results were delightful!

/images/labs/Manchester-baubles-artjam-003.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-baubles-artjam-004.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-baubles-artjam-005.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-baubles-artjam-001.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-baubles-artjam-002.jpg

The winning entries were:

1st place: Holly Churchill for the incredible Lee Scoresby's Hot Air Balloon bauble

2nd place: Eion McNaught for the adorable Baby Yoda bauble

3rd place: Anye Chen for her vibrant The Scrapper bauble

And lastly, our November Toronto Art Jam theme was a whimsical and wispy one… our artists dove deep into the realm of the MOUSTACHE!

/images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-ADARSH_PETER_Moustache.JPG By Storyboard Revisionist Adarsh Peter /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-MCassan.jpg By 2D Design Supervisor Matt Cassan /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-RachelJoseph.png By 2D Designer Rachel Joseph /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-Sam_Braithwaite.jpg By Storyboard Revisionist Sam Braithwaite /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-Chloe_Wong.jpg By Rigger Chloe Wong /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-ADARSH_Moustache.jpg By Storyboard Revisionist Adarsh Peter /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-Elisa_AlmeidaUcci.jpg By 3D Animator Elisa Almeida Ucci /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-FraeyaPinto.jpg By Background Artist Fraeya Pinto /images/labs/Toronto-November-2019-ArtJam-Kostadino_Ketsilis-MOUSTACHE.jpg By Texture Artist Kostadino Ketsilis

Winner - We Moustache Him To Join Us! by Elisa Almeida Ucci, 3D Animator

1st runner up - Mustache by Sam Braithwaite, Storyboard Revisionist

2nd runner up - Movember Man by Adarsh Peter, Storyboard Revisionist

Winner - We Moustache Him To Join Us! by Elisa Almeida Ucci, 3D Animator 
Winner - We Moustache Him To Join Us! by Elisa Almeida Ucci, 3D Animator 

“When I started thinking about the theme “Moustache” I jotted down a lot of potential ideas I could go with. I did a couple thumbnails and then built off the one I believed could best tell a story.

I like finding the humour in scenarios and enjoy the challenge of putting a story into a single image. I then wanted to further challenge myself with adopting a style I hadn't tried before so, I studied the work of Al Hirschfeld for the month of November. I took note of style choices he made when creating his characters and lines. I wrote these down and then practiced drawing referenced real people into Hirschfeld's style. His smoothness and flow in line, I think, lent itself perfectly to the cool, fashionable characters I, myself, was trying to create.

Now the best part is, moving forward I have another style I can fall back on if I'm not having the best of drawing days!”

- November Winner, Elisa Almeida Ucci

Congrats to all our November Art Jam artists!

Join us again in the New Year for more Jammy goodness!

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