NINE Parent’s Choice Awards for Brown Bag Films & 9 Story! 

We have some truly phenomenal news to share today! The 2020 Parent’s Choice Awards were announced yesterday, and our 9 Story and Brown Bag shows racked up a total of NINE awards in the TV and Streaming category.

/images/labs/Parents_Choice_Awards_2020_Instagram_v02.png /images/labs/DTN-BBF-WS-HERO-SOURCE_0015_Layer_19_800_400_c1_1.jpg Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood /images/labs/9story-Charlies-Colorform-City-004.jpg Charlie’s Colorforms City /images/labs/Clifford-3-1.jpg Clifford The Big Red Dog /images/labs/9story-Creative-Galaxy-news-feat-9storyAcquiresOutOfTheBlueEnterprises.jpg Creative Galaxy /images/labs/Xavier_Stills_1920x1080_01.png Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum /images/labs/The_Stinky_and_Dirty_Show_02_800_400_c1_1.jpg The Stinky & Dirty Show /images/labs/PC-BBF-WS-HERO-SOURCE_0005_Layer_29_800_400_c1_1.jpg Peg + Cat /images/labs/blues-clues-IMG_7391-768x768.jpg Blue’s Clues & You!

Here is the list of our productions that received honours this year: 

Gold Award

Blue’s Clues & You!

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood

Let’s Go Luna!

Peg + Cat

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Silver Award

Creative Galaxy

Recommended Award

The Stinky & Dirty Show

Fun Stuff Award

Charlie’s Colorforms City

A huge congratulations to all our Brown Bag and 9 Story team members who worked across these shows and helped bring them to life. 

And a shout out to all of this year’s award winners, it’s truly humbling to be honoured alongside such amazing talent.

Established in 1978, Parents' Choice Awards® is the United States’ oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children's toys and media. Please visit to see all of this year’s award winners.

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Manager, Digital and Social Media

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