Moana #Sketch

Background Artist Giedre Kaveckaite created this wonderful fanart based on Disney's Moana. We thought it would be fun to take a quick peak at how she worked up this piece:

Giedre: Decided to kick of the year with an illustration based on Disney's Moana! The movie's colour design was absolutely amazing and ever since I've watched it I was inspired to do a little piece for it!​

 I usually start of with a loose rough sketch just to get a general idea for the pose and shapes. This usually differs quite a bit from the final piece.

For this particular illustration I skipped the lineart and went straight into blocking in the character. This way of working is more free and allows me to concentrate on the shapes and flow instead of perfecting clean lines.

Quick first pass on the shapes and colours for the background (BG) and seeing how it ties in with the character. 

Decided to scrap the previous colour scheme and went for something more atmospheric instead. At this point I started populating the island with trees and foliage and played around with some more warm and saturated sunset colours. Added some basic shading onto the character for volume and depth.

With the final colour scheme decided, it's time to finish off the background!

Final touches to add some detail to the characters and water to help them sit in the background a bit better.

Final colour balance tweaks and the piece is finished! :) 

There you have it!

Moana by Giedre Kaveckaite

Check out more of Giedre's art work here: GeddyKay

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