Meet Producer Geraldine Weber #Interview

Meet Geraldine Weber, our awesome Producer! A recent addition to the Brown Bag team, Geraldine is an industry veteran! We caught up with her for a few minutes to discuss her role and find out what she loves about animation.


How did you get into animation?

I did a general Broadcasting course when I left school initially thinking I wanted to be a sound engineer but as soon as I started it I knew TV was for me. From there, I did a Diploma in Communications in Colaiste Dhulaigh followed by a Degree in Wolverhampton in TV.

Once I graduated, I wanted to get “hands on” experiences so I started out as a runner in a facility house, sitting in on edits or blagging my way out on shoots as much as I could in between making teas and coffees and doing general runner duties.

I worked my way up through production from PA through to Co-ordinator, Production Manager, Line Producer, Senior Producer to C.O.O. of a video and animation company. Throughout this I’ve worked various projects in live action VFX and animation.

I’ve been with Brown Bag now since the summer and it’s great focusing my energies on series animation purely.

How long have you worked in the animation industry?

15 yrs +. I feel really old saying that!

What's your current role and what does it involve?
I'm Producer on The Stinky & Dirty Show for Amazon Prime.

The main tasks are scheduling, budgeting, financial reporting and liaising with the client and staff management. The role of the Producer is making sure things are happening as they should on time and on budget while keeping the client and creatives happy!

What are your biggest influences/inspirations?

I have worked with some really talented people over the years that are truly inspirational from a creative and technical point of view. I’ve found that you learn from every production you’re involved in, so be open to learning from those around you who are experts in their field whether it be an amazing D.O.P or VFX artist, animator etc… So it's great to keep an open mind.

In terms of work ethic and drive I would have to say my parents. Even now, my mam is in her 80’s and can run rings around anyone!

What’s your favourite tool to use and why?

Excel, post-it’s and a highlighter pen lol!

We have some great project management tools here in Brown Bag which are fantastic for an overview of where you are at in the production – you can pull at this info together very quickly which is invaluable. However, my guilty secret is that I do still resort to excel for keeping on track of my to do list every day – it’s worked for me so far!

What advice would you give someone considering getting into animation?

I think in general this industry can be so competitive so I would say the usual “seek out opportunities, work hard, treat people right” and I would look at every production you work on as a learning curve and stepping stone to where you want to get to. Do keep in mind also, that no matter how tight your production team and plans are, the nature of production is that things change, so always be ready to react and have contingency in your back pocket for that.

What do you like most about working in animation?

What’s not to love about coming into work and talking about cartoons each day!

On The Stinky & Dirty Show, I love the team I’m working with and their energy and passion for what they do, it’s a really collaborative group who are all working towards a common goal. This show is really fun and it’s great working with Amazon as a new client.

As with all productions it’s cool when you work on a project for so long and then you can sit back and look at the end product with pride. 

What’s been the most challenging thing about working in animation?

The eternal quest for finding a good work/life balance – I'm not sure if that’s unique to this industry though or if it's just the reality of being a working mother!

Outside of animation what are you most passionate about?

Of course hanging out with husband, family and friends but especially spending time with my two  boys - the coolest people I know.


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