Manchester Studio Graduate Evening #Recap

Last Thursday, May 3rd, our Manchester studio hosted a Graduate Evening at The Sharp Project focused on recruitment and how to get a job in the animation industry!

Our team had a chance to meet graduates from around the UK including Manchester Metropolitan and Salford University.

Graduates got a chance to speak to the different departments, getting a glimpse of the studio workflow, and also to network with our artists and each other.

/images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-03.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-10.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-01.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-14.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-05.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-04.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-06.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-11.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-09.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-12.jpg /images/labs/Manchester-Graduate-Evening-02.jpg

A big thank you to all the graduates who attended, it was great to meet you all!

Interested in working with us? We're currently hiring across our Dublin, Manchester and Toronto studios: Current Vacancies

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