Manchester Art Jam: Zombies in Spring

Our Manchester studio has zombies on the brain!

Check out the artwork from their latest Art Jam - 'Zombies in Spring':

Take a look through and let us know who's got your vote in the comments below:

/images/labs/Manchester-Art-Challenge-Zombies-in-Spring-Elliot-Crutchley-002.jpg By 2D Animator Elliot Crutchley /images/labs/Manchester-Art-Challenge-Zombies-in-Spring-003.jpg Brains by 2D Designer Blanca Sobrino /images/labs/Manchester-Art-Challenge-Zombies-in-Spring-Agata-Karpisz-001.jpg By 2D Animator Agata Karpisz

This month's winning submission was voted on by our Manchester studio members and was awarded to *drumroll please*...  2D Designer Blanca Sobrino for her awesome piece “Brains”!

Brains by 2D Designer Blanca Sobrino
Brains by 2D Designer Blanca Sobrino

Tune in next time for more art jammy goodness - our next theme is “MerMay”!

Anahita Tabarsi

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