Make Your Own Bing #Crafty

Some EXCELLENT fun to be had for all you crafty folks out there!

Following the phenomenal reaction to the Knit Your Own Flop instruction guide, Acamar have released an instruction guide on how to make your very OWN Bing Bunny - and it's just in time for Christmas!


Now your little Bingster can have his own little Bing!


Check out these AWESOME Bing Bunny's made by Bing fans before the pattern even came out! 


/images/blog/Bing_Catherine_Ashurst.jpg Catherine Ashurst /images/blog/Bing_WIP_Kathryn_Wescomb.jpg Work In Progress by Kathryn Wescomb /images/blog/Bing_Barbara_Avis.jpg Barbara Avis

Click here to download the Bing Bunny pattern!



Making your own Bing? Send us in the photos - we'd love to see them!


Anahita Tabarsi

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