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Make a Change and Celebrate #LoveATreeDay!

“A tree is our most intimate contact with nature.” ― George Nakashima

An oxygen-giver, a shade-provider, a fruit bearer, and much much more, a tree is entirely more than just a tree. They are one of the most important and foundational parts of our ecosystem and, unfortunately, each year we see fewer and fewer of them on earth. Today, on National Love a Tree Day, with some help from our Green Bag teams we wanted to highlight some ways in which you can show your love and appreciation for the trees that give us life!

"Tree In Shawshank" by Stephen OConnor

Spot and Report Infections

There are many ways in which the trees we come into contact with every day (in our backyards, neighborhoods, and communities) could be under threat and we don't even realize it. Trees can fall victim to diseases, harmful insect infestations, rotting, and much more just as easily as any human can, however, to the untrained eye you would have no idea that the tree is under threat.

In an effort to level up your love for Mother Earth, do some research on your local tree species and the problems that they can face. For example, the Toronto government has resources available to help citizens identify threats to local trees, such as insects and diseases, so they can call the city to treat the tree or have it removed to decrease the chance of spreading.

Plant a Tree

Maybe the most obvious (and rewarding) way to love a tree would be to plant one of your own. You can do this physically, by purchasing a tree from your local nursery and planting it at home, or virtually by donating to a non-profit organization like One Tree Planted whose mission is to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. For just one dollar, you can plant a tree that will make a brighter tomorrow.

One Tree Planted

Protect our Trees

While it's absolutely wonderful to plant new trees to watch them grow, it is equally as important (if not more critical) to protect the ancient trees that have flourished over many many lifetimes. Rainforests today, the home of some of the world's oldest trees, are under constant threat from logging and extraction for trees and natural resources, cutting down thousands of trees, and not to mention displacing the wildlife.

There are many charities that support protecting these essential habitats, such as Nature Conservancy Canada and its efforts to protect the Boreal forest in Canada. Additionally, it is possible to take steps in your personal life to decrease harm to the rainforests, such as purchasing responsibly sourced products i.e. paper products made from recycled pulp or food products that do not contain palm oil.

Teach the Young

One of the most effective long-term strategies to increase tree planting and health in future generations is to teach today's youth about the importance of trees! Instilling in young children the significance that trees have on our environment and health as well as having kids develop a playful and creative relationship with trees (making a treehouse, reading in its branches, etc.) is so important to the future of our natural world.

One way to get kids interested is to show them content they love that deals with these important topics, such as Nature Cat's 111 'Hooray it's Arbor Day' episode. While celebrating Arbor Day and their love for trees over in the forest, a heavy wind blows Squeeks’ favorite climbing tree halfway over. It’s up to Nature Cat and his pals to try and save the tree for Squeeks, for all the critters that live in the tree, and for Arbor Day! You can view the episode here, on PBS.

There are so many ways to show love to nature's trees, even if you just go out and give one a big old hug! On Love A Tree Day, we remember how important trees are to all of the world and its inhabitants.

Rachel Sherman

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