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Lions #Sketch

Today's #Sketch post is a series of drawings from lion loving, Toronto based Background Painter, Justin Mark! Justin's eye for detail in his beautiful animal artwork caught our attention and we couldn't wait to share them with all of you!

Justin: I've always had a fascination with wildlife, African wildlife in particular. Lions have always stood out as my favourite animal, both to observe and study, but also to draw.

I'm an admirer of world-renowned Canadian Wildlife Artist, Robert Bateman who I've had the privilege of meeting twice now! When I was about 14 years of age, I showed him my work and he gave me advice on how to create more volume and depth in the animals I was drawing. That advice has stayed with me all these years later and I try to incorporate that into my current artwork as best I can. 

Lion Sketch by Justin Mark
Lion Sketch by Justin Mark

Coloured pencil, pastel pencils, graphite, and pen are my main mediums of use. I've come to really enjoy working with a standard Bic pen as of late, which allows me to capture more detail in creating clean precise lines.

I still plan on traveling to Africa one day soon in hopes of observing lions in the wild. Two of my pieces were showcased in an art show in Namibia last year, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend. Kevin Richardson (aka the Lion Whisperer) has also showcased a few of my pieces on his social media platforms, which I found quite exciting. Hopefully, in a day not far distant I can visit Africa, a place I've always longed to experience.

/images/labs/Justin_Lion_Sketch_3.jpg Lion Sketch by Justin Mark /images/labs/Justin_Lion_Sketch_4.jpg 'The King of the Beasts' by Justin Mark /images/labs/Justin_Lion_Sketch_1.jpg Lion Sketch by Justin Mark /images/labs/Facing_the_Light_-_Justin_Mark.jpg 'Facing the Light' by Justin Mark

To see more of Justin's beautiful Lion and African Wildlife artwork, check out his Instagram!

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