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Lego Movie #Review

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  • Posted by David E. O'Brien on February 12 2014

One of the most memorable things from The Lego Movie would have to be the infectiously catchy theme track Everything is Awesome. It may never live up the MASSIVE hype, the sentiment of the song is not too far from the film - The Lego Movie is AWESOME, I mean, great!

It has all the building blocks it needs to be an amazing animated movie.

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The voice over talent is stellar - with some memorable performances. UniKitty a kitten/Unicorn hybrid voiced by Alison Brie brings the perfect balance between extreme optimism and teeming rage, Liam Neeson masters another unstable dual personality with Bad Cop/Good Cop both contained in one handy swivelling LEGO head. With Jonah Hill as the Green Lantern and Will Arnett as the hysterically funny Batman what’s not to like?!

At times The LEGO Movie began to feel like an extended commercial, with numerous references to their product lines, new and old, throughout. Being upfront about their motives added to the humour, never feeling like clever marketers were trying to pull the wool over your eyes. I left the cinema wanting to buy LEGO, if this is the affect it had on a 29 year old man I can only imagine what it means for LEGO sales.

The amazing variety of sets, from the construction site to UniKitty’s domain of the Cloud Cuckoo Palace, are stunning. The visuals are so fresh, and at times they come in epic proportions. And in the finer detail the FX are great - the likes of water and fire are created using LEGO blocks, in not creating life like FX it manages to create something really unique.

The opening weekend in the US drew in more than the total cost of making the film, The LEGO movie is destined to be a huge blockbuster - with at least two more sequels to come!

Cinemas may have to look into investing in double decker couches.

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David E. O'Brien

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