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Learn About Reptiles with Wild Kratts! #Playlist

In honour of Reptile Awareness Day, we are turning to our trusted experts in this field—the Wild Kratts—to help teach us all about these fascinating wild creatures.

Following the adventures of animated versions of real-life brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, in each episode of Wild Kratts we encounter wild animals during stories of adventure and mystery. And we've got a specially curated Wild Kratts playlist below to help, so hit PLAY and let's begin discovering!

Activate Reptile Creature Power!

Get ready to activate your creature power suits with Chris and Martin as they transform into some of our favorite reptiles, including crocodiles, snakes, chameleons and more!

Alligators vs. Crocodiles!

Learn all about alligators and crocodiles! Can you tell the difference between the two creatures?

Chameleon Power

Martin and Chris meet a new friend named Target and discover the unique and amazing characteristics of the chameleon.

Chameleons Rule!

Martin and Chris happen upon a chameleon and share how it camouflages and blends into the environment.

Cobra Venom

One bite from the spectacled cobra can deliver a venom that can kill a predator or person in hours, but spectacled cobras would much rather use their venom to catch prey. Spectacled cobras are long and can grow to be up to 7 feet long! A deadly and venomous snake, but even spectacled cobras need to watch their backs for an even bigger venomous snake…The King Cobra!

Komodo Dragon Adventure

Did you know that Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the entire world!

Incredibly STRONG Sea Turtle

Boxed Turtle Self-Defense

Gecko Power

Operation Crocodile Nest

Chris and Martin sneak into a crocodile's nest and see what a hatching looks like.

The Great Crocodile Hatching

Chris and Martin help a nest of freshly hatched baby crocodiles alert their mother that they have arrived, by make a whole lot of underground racket.


Craft a Color Changing Chameleon

Turn a couple of paper plates and some paint into a great visualization of how chameleons change colors to match their settings.

Paper Plate Snakes

Paper plates can be used in many crafts. In this activity, you and your child can create colorful snakes using paper plates and googly eyes.

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And don't forget to spread the wildlife love today!

You can find a wealth of information on various animal species and their conservation status on the WWF Species Directory.

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