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Learn About Bees with Wild Kratts in Flight of the Pollinators!

Happy World Bee Day!

It's important to remember just how grateful we should 'bee' to our incredible pollinator pals, who not only provide us with honey but as pollinators, play a key role in ensuring healthy ecosystems, and are essential in our food production.

In honour of World Bee Day, we are turning to our trusted experts—the Wild Kratts—to help teach us all about these fascinating creatures. Join Chris and Martin as they explore the process of pollination and learn the important partnership between plants and animals. See how a bumble bee drinks nectar from a flower and the role it plays in delivering pollen from one flower to another in a process called pollination.

Wild Kratts | Flight of the Pollinators - Season 1 Episode 32

When a miniaturized Chris gets covered with pollen and ends up sticking to a bee, he gets carried off into the world of the pollinators. Martin, Aviva, and the team must find Chris in an adventure that uncovers the amazing delivery system of plants and their animal partners.

In “Flight of the Pollinators” Martin activates Bee Power so he can get Chris of off the fig wasp, and return the pollen grains to their respective pollinators. Bee Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of a Western honey bee.

Learn why honey bees are some of the roughest, toughest animals around!

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