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Le Gouffre #StaffPick

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  • Posted by Anahita Tabarsi on March 13 2015

This beautiful, painterly-style short film packs a punch. Le Gouffre - meaning “The Gulf/Chasm”, a short that was funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign, tells the inspiring tale of friendship, sacrafice and conquering the impossible!

Le Gouffre is the first animated short film produced and directed by Lightning Boy Studio, a young creative team based in Montreal. The film tells the story of two spirited travelers who come across an incredibly wide chasm on their journey and decide to build a bridge to cross it. Released in February 2015, the project had first gained a lot of attention following the huge success of its Kickstarter campaign, which allowed the creators to finance the movie's post-production. Many were impressed by the passion and determination of the small team of three animators, who spent more than two full years creating the 10-minute film.

As of now, Le Gouffre has been selected in more than 40 festivals around the world and won six awards, three of them for “Best Animated Short”.

Check out the behind-the-scenes snippet:

We'll be keeping an eye peeled for more from Lightning Boy Studio!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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