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  • Posted by David Maybury on March 05 2014

We've been talking a lot of Kickstarter lately - including Mini Museum, Milli, Mai Mai Miracle, Broken Age, Deltaprintr and Detective Grimoire.

This week was a significant milestone for the Kickstarter Krew! They passed the $1bn mark for their pledges.

That's A LOT of people - 5.7 million to be exact - and has begun so many fantastic new projects, including movies, books, games, events and so much more. Some of our highlights of the last year or so have been Oculus Rift, Veronica Mars, Double Fine (we mentioned Broken Age, right?), OUYA and The Civilization Starter Kit.

Wondering what $1bn pledges look like? Kickstarter have you covered!

Here's to another billion dollars of ideas and inspiration!!

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David Maybury

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