Jimi Hendrix #FanArt

This week's #FanArt comes from our Manchester-based 2D Designer, Jamie Buchanan, who discovered the music, attitude and style of Hendrix when creating this awesome piece, Rock On!

Jamie: Doing caricatures is the thing I enjoy most when it comes to drawing… as I am terrible with realistic portraits, I can make as many mistakes as I like and call it a caricature! 

(Ironically, I have recently been taking a caricature course and have noticed how many mistakes are in this caricature of Jimi Hendrix…)

I was asked by a pal to draw this as a Christmas gift for someone. Paying full attention at a meeting one day, I thumbnailed out a wee sketch of Jimi Hendrix onto a post-it note. 

I popped into Procreate, where I defined the sketch more…

When caricaturing celebrities I tend to listen to their music or put shows/films on in the background that they are in. I had never listened to Jimi Hendrix prior to this caricature…I got so into his music, I would wear a purple and yellow silk shirt and set fire to a guitar every day before continuing with the picture. I called it my 'Purple Haze phase'. 

Then came the line clean up stage (I think I preferred this black and white version):

And finally, I put some colour into it…


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