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It’s InkJam Time!

We had a crew of Toronto Brown Baggers show up for our first ever studio InkTober InkJam!

So what happens at an InkJam? Well, there was lots of inking, and though no strawberry jam in sight, there was plenty of creative “jamming” to be had!


Gathered around a boardroom table, our team of inkers “jammed” out together on large sheets of paper, which intimidating at first, eventually everyone warmed up to, and filled with some incredible work!

The team sketched mainly around the Inktober theme of the day “Ship”, so most drawings were nautical in nature.

The conversation hit upon our favourite drawing tools, with a refillable ink pen at the top of most peoples picks; to what we all tend to draw most, with our teams answers including animals, florals and pinup girls!

When we drifted to the topic of where to find inspiration for what to draw, everyone agreed how the Inktober prompts were a great way to kick start ones imagination. Also mentioned, was drawing people on transit and sketching movie stills, apparently a great way for an artist to learn how to break down a scene and study its composition in detail!

The most valuable takeaway from the day was that not only is InkTober an amazing month long challenge that really forces us as artists to let go and make something, but it is also an event that “draws” us together as a community and gets us talking about our shared joy of creating!

So check out the fruits of our InkJam below, and until next time, Keep Calm and INK On!

You can also check out a video from the day:

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