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It’s All in the Eyes #TopTip

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  • Posted by Anahita Tabarsi on May 17 2016

Into animation? Here's a #toptip from the studio via our Animator William Muir - this one's about the importance of eyes and observation.

William: I mentioned in a previous #TopTip - Be An Actor To Be A Better Animator - how important acting is to animating, you really need to understand what makes a great performance and the best way to do that is to observe and to perform!

Watch the performances radiate from the eyes out, they are the gateway to the soul. A character can express so much with just slight movements in the eyes, so pay close attention and try to observe the key movements used to convey different emotions and replicate them in your work!

Check out animator John Kennedy's Key to Animating Eyes #TopTip for more on this!

Don’t just watch though, DO!

Act in your room and record yourself. Use a mirror on your desk to observe your facial expression as you animate. Act out the performance you're trying to capture and see what works and what doesn't. I used to go out sometimes, put on a different accent and become a character, it can be weird but it’s a great way to learn how to act from the deep-end (the real world)!

Anahita Tabarsi

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